Stop Stuttering | The ABCs of Smooth Speech – Activate

How to Stop Stuttering - ABC

Are you ready to start learning the ABCs of SFC (Smooth Confident Speech)? If you are, you need to start by activating your awareness. I want you to start noticing how you’re speaking and when you’re speaking that way.

This may sound overly simple – but smooth speech starts with this step. When you start to activate your awareness, you’ll find that that there will be some situations where you’re fine – and others where you’re not.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that how you respond – your behavior, body language, and even how you think and feel – differs based on the situation you’re in. Your goal is to grow your awareness so that you can finally take action. My next video will build upon this concept by sharing seven questions you can ask yourself to start activating your awareness.

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