The Real Deal About How to Stop Stuttering Pt. 2

These notes are from part 1.


1. Quick fix, cure.
2. Tips to fix
3. Think they’ll be done after x number of weeks
4. Give up, either abruptly or gradually
5. Shortcuts –
  • Pick the parts they like
  • Cram practices
  • Don’t put in the time
6. Short time perspective
7. Accept 100% Responsibility
In the introductory video I will share with you:
1. 3 Requirements for successfully achieving your life and speaking goals.
2. 5 Obstacles, some of which you will definitely face.
3. A brief course overview, that is, what we will cover in this course.
1. Lack of a profound reason why you are doing this.
2. Unwilling to work while you wait.
3. Looking for a quick fix or a shortcut.
4. Focused on achieving a negative goal.
5. Unwillingness or inability to transform your identity.
          a. Use to being a victim.
          b. Unwilling to be uncomfortable for while around certain people.
          c. Unwilling to become someone new and different.

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