Pro90d Train-the-Trainer Interest

Are you an SLP or other speech language professional who works specifically with adults who stutter – stammer?  Are you passionate about finding the best solutions for your clients?  Are you interested in working with people who struggle with their speech? 

I realize there are a ton of so-called treatments, cures, solutions and programs that claim to successfully eliminate or otherwise cure stuttering.  Let’s be honest, you may even classify me and the Pro90d Speech System as one of them, and that’s fair given what can be found online.  

So, all I ask is that you give me a few minutes of your time and then do your own research.  Is that fair?  First, I want to invite you to download our system summary sheet which will give you a detailed, yet high level overview of the Pro90d Speech System.  

Second, checkout our global reputation and research the foundation of our program.  I think you’ll find that we’re doing a few things right to say the least.  

Finally, if you would like to enhance how you work with adults who struggle with their speech or begin a career working in this area, go ahead and complete the survey below.