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5 HUGE BENEFITS of the Pro90d Speech System 


As a former stutterer, I understand what it feels like to be limited by your speech.  I've been where you are now and have forged a clear pathway to the other side.  Not only have I personally turned my speech into my greatest asset, I have helped others do the same, making me your most qualified guide on this journey to excellent speech. 


The Pro90d Speech System has been developed based on neuroscience, Learning Theory, and Habit Development Psychology.  If you can learn new skills and develop new habits, the system will work for you. 


Stuttering is not one-dimensional.  It has many.  There is, in most cases a psychology dimension to stuttering the involves beliefs, fears, doubts, confidence and other thinking patterns.  Involved as well are the physical behavior of speaking, including speaking too fast, shallow breathing, poor articulation, monotone voice inflection, tightness, and stiffness or lack of smooth gestures to name a few.  This system addresses all of the above and more. 


1) This system is based on the premise that stuttering is a "way" of speaking, and ways can be changed or replaced. Speaking is a learnable skill. The anticipatory thoughts and other beliefs which accompany stuttering are patterns of thinking which can be gradually substituted or replaced with newer, more helpful patterns of thinking. This basis gives you hope, control and a guaranteed that you can, indeed dramatically improve your speech. 

2) This system is designed to help you become an excellent speaker and superior presenter and not just overcome stuttering.  Getting jobs, promotions and influencing people require more than just "not stuttering." 

3) You improve your speech and confidence in YOUR current environment over time and not in an artificial environment in a compressed period of time. External environments, i.e. 12-day or 4-day programs take you away from those day-to-day, familiar conditions and people that trigger stuttering. The Pro90d helps you change your response to those familiar triggers. Three, four or even twelve days is NOT enough time to create long-term changes in your brain. Studies show it takes at a minimum of 18 days, an average of 66 days, and more realistically 254 days to change or replace complex habits or patterns.  Pro90d helps you create long-term changes the benefits of which accumulate and compound over time. 


Time does not wait for any of us.  As each day passes, so do opportunities.  Each day you remain unnecessarily limited by your speech is a day you earn less, socialize less, express less, help less, and contribute less of yourself to this world. Since everything we do accumulates and either moves us toward our goals or away, why not start today doing something to move closer to a life of freedom and awesome possibilities?  The time will pass anyway.  Don't waste time and money looking for shortcuts to improve your speech.  The fastest pathway is often the longest.  

Accelerate the Pro90d Speech System With Powerful Audio and Video Resources

Reprogram Your Thinking, Build Confidence and Courage, Get Rid of Speech Anxiety
How to Get Started

Learn Everything You Need to Get Started.

You Can Relax

How to develop the habit of being relaxed. How to act relaxed even when you don't feel relaxed.  

Accelerate This Process

Create and use mental movies to visualize your performance and pre-program yourself for your next presentation.

Use Your Body to Capture Your Audience's Attention

How to get your entire body involved in helping you communicate your message.

Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking

Discover the #1 factor causing your fear of speaking in public and learn exactly what to do about it.  Uncover the ONE deadly mistake you’re probably making before your presentations and learn how to immediately stop doing it.

Captivate Your Audience Using the Proactive Presentation System 1. 

Discover how to turn anxiety into positive anticipation.  Discover how to dominate your thoughts by thinking about your audience and their needs rather than worrying about yourperformance and what they're thinking about you.  Specific questions to help you structure and prepare your presentation.

Stop Negative Thoughts

How to reprogram your thinking, mindset and beliefs so that you stop thinking about stuttering.

Two Secrets for Greater Speaking Smoothness and Control

What to do with your words to increase smoothness, relaxedness and control. What to do to keep from running out of air while you speak.

Speak So People Want to Listen to You

How to add vibrancy, energy, enthusiasm and passion to your speech.

3 Hidden Keys to Building Ironclad Self-Confidence

How to do this ONE thing so that people trust you and believe what you're saying. How to speak so that people see you as someone who knows what they're talking about.

Captivate Your Audience Using the Proactive Presentation System 2.

How to practice your presentations on the go.  How to practice so that you can present with power, authority, authenticity and accuracy.

Captivate Your Audience Using the Proactive Presentation System 3.

What to do right before your presentation and what NOT to do.  The very first few things you want to say at the opening of your presentations.  How to continuously keep your audience engaged.  How to make sure they leave your presentation completely satisfied.

About the Founder

Michael is the founder of the Start Speaking Training Center, LLC an online resource designed to help people learn not just how to stop stuttering, but become excellent speakers. For more than 20 years Michael struggled with stuttering, sometimes severe, and other times mild. But, he always had this awareness of stuttering which in many ways controlled his life and limited him. There were times when he would stutter so severely, he would bite his tongue trying to get a word out. In school, he wouldn’t volunteer to do certain things because it required him to read aloud or speak in public. Even when you knew an answer, he would not raise his hand because he wasn’t sure he could get the words out. Although he didn’t completely let this hold him back, it did limit him greatly.

Sometime in his mid twenties, he figured out that the stuttering was not primarily physical, but was psychological. He realized that he stuttered because his subconscious told him he was a stutterer. In other words, because he believed he would stutter he did. This memory of stuttering simply reinforced itself every time he stuttered creating a permanent loop. But, he also discovered that this subconscious belief could be reprogrammed. THIS was the turning point for him.  Another major turning point was that he learned that by modeling excellent speakers, he too could become an excellent speaker.  So, by systematically changing his self-concept and modeling two great speakers, Michael was able to completely transform his speech from a liability into his greatest asset. 

“Using a systematic approach you can not only overcome stuttering, you can become an excellent speaker and superior communicator simply because you've had to build character and work on your speech longer than anyone else.”

Here Is What You’ll Get With Pro90d Private Intensive Coaching

Powerful, transformational audio (mp3, plus an audiobook), video, and PDF files in a course format, and downloadable (audio and pdf) that you can access daily

One-on-One evaluation and feedback directly from Michael Williams

Ongoing support and access to ask questions to help you get focused and stay on track

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I happened to be applying for jobs and kept bombing interviews because I stuttered during easy interviews which cost me many different opportunities."

I was offered the position 1 1/2 weeks later which was an increase of $34k on top of my current salary.  I am only halfway through the coaching, and I already made my investment back, and this has been honestly the best and most life-changing decision that I have ever made.  If you would have seen how severe I stuttered and compare it to the manner that I speak today you wouldn't even believe I ever struggled to speak.  I highly recommend this program. If I can do it anyone else can!


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

What other treatments from books, therapists, and online couldn't accomplish...

"Michael, your pro90d is almost a miracle. What other treatments from books, therapists, and online couldn't accomplish, your advice accomplished and is accomplishing more still yet in under a month. Thank you! I know I WILL talk smoothly, fluently and confidently. No, I AM a smooth, fluent, and confident speaker!"

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Before working with Michael, I couldn’t have a conversation with anyone without stuttering and with some people it was even worse.

Michael gave me the confidence that I didn’t have, he was patient with me, coached me weekly and taught me techniques for a few months until I found a solution.  Working with Michael has really helped me and my speech, his techniques really do work, and he really cares that you overcome your fear of public speaking. I now am way more confident and my speech has greatly improved, I no longer am afraid to speak or avoid certain situations.

On April 1st of this year I got promoted and I owe this to Michael, I would have never even thought of interviewing in front of a panel a year ago but after working with Michael I gained the confidence and not only did I interview but I got the job!


Is this Program Right for You?

Check below to see if this program is right for you


  • Professionally-minded people who need to speak smoothly and clearly all the time
  • People who need to be able to present themselves as competent, intelligent and confident
  • People who are tired of feeling limited by their speech and want to be free to say what they want, when they want
  • People who are willing to invest time, energy and money into their personal growth


  • People who just want to stop stuttering
  • People who want a quick solution or cure
  • People who only want to spend a little time working on their speech
  • People who are not willing to invest money into improving their speech
Start Saying What You Want to Say When You Want to Say It In Less Than 90 Days

If within the 12 months of the time we start (depending on the program you select)   and if you are not able to say what you want, when you want without fear of stuttering, and you have faithfully put in the recommended time and followed Michael's recommendations, just send us a message and we'll refund your money. 

BIG Bonuses

Access to a private Facebook Group

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Access to Mobile Passive Learning Immersion System

One of the most powerful tools I use with my clients every day to help them reprogram their thinking and develop new thinking and speaking habits.  Includes the Passive Learning Program, Imprint-Impress Affirmation audio program, 7 Steps to Quickly Achieve Smooth, Calm & Confident Speech and more. 


Chat With Me

Complete access to me via text chat whenever you have a question or challenge. 

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this a cure for stuttering?

What if I just want relief from stuttering? 

Will this process be relatively easy? 

How should I set my expectations?

What if it gets too difficult and I want to quit?

How much time will I need to spend on this process? 

What if I just want relief from stuttering? 

How should I set my expectations?

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