How to Stop Stuttering | Six Power Techniques – Technique # 5 Reading Aloud


Six Power Techniques – Technique # 5 Reading Aloud

Problem – When you know that you will have to read aloud you become almost terrified because of the potential problem words, phrases, or letters.

Solution –

• Whenever possible inform the teacher, instructor, facilitator or person leading that you sometimes get stuck while reading and that you may have to say “pass.”

• When it’s your turn, act like you are reading for play or movie. Change your persona or character when you read. Act like someone who is a great orator and read the text with gusto, flavor and flair. This way it is not you reading, but the performer reading.

• Create a rhythm or flow that takes you from sentence to sentence. Don’t think about the words, just allow yourself to roll through the words as if they were your words.

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