How to Stop Stuttering | Six Power Techniques – 1. Answering the Phone


Technique #1 Answering The Phone

Problem- Difficult to say hello


Don’t say hello. Say, “Yes, this is. . .”
Say, “And, this is. . .”
Prime the initial word with a slight humm, rolling into the word(s), like umm. . .ello or yes, hello, this…”

By the way, I have a client who literally could barely answer the phone.  He have to hang up on people and they would hang up on him because he was taking so long to answer.  After using these exact techniques and “drilling” answering the phone, he has told me that he has never had a problem answer the phone anymore.  And he says that he speaks pretty well while on the phone.  This client was a severe stutterer and had seen many specialists, some of whom told him that he would probably continue to speak this way for the rest of his life.

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