– – Hi, my name is Michael Williams and if you struggle with stuttering, stammering, choppy speech, fast speech, or if you struggle with anticipating, that is worrying about or being anxious about stuttering, that is you believe or you think that you’re gonna get stuck on this word or you’re gonna stuck saying your name, if you struggle with those things, then I want you to follow this series and the title of this series is How to Stop Stuttering Using the Pro90d Speech System. That’s the title of the series, however each video, which should be about five minutes or less, will be individually titled. So, the title of this video is How to Stop Stuttering By Replacing Your Current Pattern of Speech. How to Stop Stuttering By Replacing Your Current Pattern of Speech. What do I mean when I say replacing? Well, we don’t try to treat stuttering. We want to replace it. We don’t treat it, we replace it. Now, what does that mean and why is it so critically important to you? So, here’s what I want you to know. Here’s what I want you to follow. Stuttering or stammering is a disfluent way of speaking. It is a disfluent pattern of speaking, okay. And because it’s a way or a pattern, we know from science, we know from neuroscience, neuroplasticity, from habit formation, that ways or patterns, now listen, ways or patterns can be replaced, they can be changed. This is very important for you because this is empowering. This means that you have the power, right, you have the capacity to change your ways or patterns of behavior. So, disfluent speech is a behavior, it is something that you do. No one can deny that, right? And because it’s a behavior, because it’s something that you do, because it’s a pattern, that means that it can be replaced with new patterns, with new ways, okay. Now, this is so critically important because it should give you hope. It should make you feel inspired and empowered because this means that you can do something to change or to create or to develop a new pattern, a new way of speaking. So, our focus, using The Pro90d Speech System is not to try to treat or fix or cure, but it is to replace with a brand new way of speaking. But not only are we replacing your way of speaking, we also have to address the psychology of stuttering or smooth speech. That means that we have to replace the way that you think. You have to begin to create a new mindset, a new way of thinking. An example might be, instead of anticipating or worrying about stuttering, you wanna replace that with your anticipating your success, anticipating speaking smoothly, and I’ll give you a perfect and a very recent example. I was working with a client from Kuwait and he was telling me that he had a meeting and he was telling me the steps that he took to be successful in that meeting. He was meeting with one of his superiors where he normally would have been very anxious and he found himself initially anticipating or becoming anxious, right, anticipating that he might get stuck. Immediately, he switched, he replaced those anticipatory thoughts, those, that anticipatory anxiousness, he replaced that with thoughts of his model, with thoughts of speaking smoothly, of watching his superior smile and nod. He replaced his anxious thoughts with more positive, constructive thoughts. Does this make sense? So, this is very important that you understand that you have the power to replace your current way of speaking and thinking and again, the reason that this is so important is because this says to you that you can take very specific actions starting from today, you can take very specific actions to change the way that you communicate, to change the way that you articulate your thoughts and your ideas, and by changing the way you speak, you’re also transforming your entire life. You will be able to turn, listen, you’ll be able to turn or transform what used to be a liability into one of your greatest assets. That is, your speech will become one of your greatest assets. Again, this is Michael Williams and I look forward to seeing you in the next series, or the next session in this series. Thank you so much and I’ll see you soon.