How to Stop Stuttering Podcast with Michael Williams

Okay, let’s get into the meat of some of this here. Are you learning how to improve your speech and mind set and beliefs by listening to, watching the audios and videos daily? In order for you to learn you’re going to have to consume information. You’re going to have to take it in and two of the best ways to do that is obviously by watching and by listening. I’ve set up a series of audios to listen to on a regular basis. It’s important to listen to these audios for a couple of reasons. First, it’s giving you information that you’re going to need to answer questions. How do I do this? Why should I do this? What’s going to be the benefit of doing this?

You’re going to get those answers, those questions answered when you listen to the audio or watch the videos. You’re also going to be encouraged by listening to them. It’s going to keep you going. It’s going to change your perspective. Now if you’re modeling, you’re also going to be listening to your model’s voice or watching your model so it’s going to be literally imprinting and impressing upon your brain this new pattern and style of speaking. If you do that every day, you’re going to have a reference when you tell yourself, I need to speak like this. Then your brain says, well, what is this?

Well, if you’ve been watching and listening and studying your model, your brain actually knows how to do that. It’s very important that you learn how to improve your speech. You learn how to change your mind set and your beliefs by listening and watching daily. Will you have to listen and watch daily for the rest of your life, no you won’t but for right now yes you do. Are you doing this daily? If not, this may be one of the reasons why your speech is not improving at the speed and to the degree that you like.

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