Effortlessly Say Whatever YOU WANT to Say, Whenever YOU WANT to Say It. . .

Without the Fear of Stuttering 

What Our Clients Say. . .

“Today I am more confident than ever about my speech and that’s thanks to the Pro90d speech system and Michael’s untiring efforts. I think it’s a brilliant system because it’s actionable and is rooted in science.”



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Effortlessly say whatever is on your mind in meetings, class and social situations.  


No more holding back, being quiet.  Feel free to speak up and speak out at the perfect moment.

Without the Fear of Stuttering 

Now you can confidently do what you want, go where you want, and say what you want without worrying about stuttering holding you back or embarrassing you. 

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What Our Clients Say*

"There are no words can describe how helpful and reliable is Michael. Six months ago I were distressed and had a feeling that there is no solution for my strutting. And what makes it worse was my fear of academic life as I just joined the university.  Within this short period, my speech witnessed a tremendous shift and I became able to discuss my colleagues and even present in front of the whole class with confidence."



Discover How I Overcame Stuttering 

And how you can too.

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As a person who stuttered from my childhood until my late twenties and early thirties, I completely understand what it's like to constantly be in fear of stuttering. There was this constant feeling of pressure from always having to anticipate and avoid certain situations.I can't tell you how many opportunities I passed up because I allowed my speech to limit and prevent me from taking advantage of them.

Thankfully I figured out a way to not fix or treat my disfluency, but to completely replace it, and the psychological effects with a brand new way of speaking and thinking about myself.I've worked as a professor, preacher, trainer, relationship coach. I've appeared on live T.V. and radio.

In 2012 and 2013 I was invited to India to work with a family or doctors to coach their son. Over the past several years I have been able to help people from all over the world, from various religions, cultures and languages using a system I created some years back called the Pro90d Speech System.

This system is rock solid because it is based on the latest practical application of Neuroscience, Observational Learning, and Habit Development principles.

If you want to work with someone who perfectly understand where you are now, AND has helped others break free from the limitations of stuttering so that now they can confidently say whatever they want to say without the fear of stuttering, then schedule your Private Breakthrough Session with me today!

What Our Clients Say. . .

“From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU MICHAEL, you changed my life forever, now I have the ability to introduce myself confidently, order whatever food I want, present powerfully in front of all my classmates, say what I want to say when and wherever I want to say it and to sum it all up, now I am finally FREE.”

—Shoaib, Doctor of Dental Surgery