Have you ever gotten thrown off track while speaking in high pressure situations? It’s probably happened to all of us. We get distracted and overly self-conscious which causes us to get out of our flow or rhythm. In this audio and article we’ll look at how you can use “distraction” in a constructive way. I call it the Distractor Factor. ¬†Here’s an excerpt:

Have you ever had to do a talk, give an interview, make a presentation or explain your thoughts under pressure? How did you do?

Well I’m sure many of you crushed it. But what about those of you who didn’t? What in the world happened? You knew your stuff. You were prepared. But somehow, when the moment of truth came, you froze up, fumbled over your words, or started forgetting what you wanted to say.

So what happened? In my work with people who struggle with their speech, personal experience and a lot of research, I’ve discovered that there are two primary reasons people don’t perform as well as they could under pressure. For sure there are more reasons than the ones I list below, but these are the two big ones.


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