Tradition is good.  In fact, it can be great, especially when it hands down to us principles, customs, knowledge and wisdom from those who came before us.  But, sometimes traditions can paralyze us.  They can prevent us from seeing alternate, even better solutions to current challenges.  Tradition, and the institutions that perpetuate them have taught us the stuttering needs to be treated because it is a speech deficiency, or disfluency.  And, the best way to deal with it is by using traditional therapeutic techniques.  I’m not saying that this tradition is wrong.  However, I am saying that for many people it is not effective.

When this is the case, what does one do?  When they’ve been to the Speech Therapist, and the Stuttering Specialist and that has not work, where do they go then? Moreover, who can they trust?  There are many people out there claiming to “cure” stuttering in short periods of time.  Sometimes people who stutter become very desperate and will try almost anything to relieve their pain.  It becomes very important then to carefully screen these alternate solutions to stuttering.  In these cases one doesn’t want to throw out common sense or traditional treatments completely, just because one is desperate.  So, what does one do?

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