How to Stop Stuttering Using Pro90D Speech System
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"How to Stop Stuttering" 

Step 1. Shift your focus from learning how to stop stuttering, or what causes stuttering, to learning how to become an excellent speaker. This will therefore, help you focus on a positive goal, rather than a negative one.

Step 2. Use a proven system that addresses both the psychology and physiology of how to stop stuttering and fluent Speech.

Step 3. Use a daily routine. Speaking smoothly and not thinking about stuttering are both learnable habits and skills. Creating new habits and learning new skills require frequency and consistent focus on the desired behavior.

Step 4. Set your expectations to “1.” In other words, focus on the smallest of improvements and don’t expect your mindset or speech to improve in a few days. Complex habits and skills take time to build. Therefore, look for just one small improvement, celebrate it and the look for another.

Step 5. Immerse yourself in the process of improving your speech, and not on how to stop or even overcome stuttering. This is no small task. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can dramatically change your speech and life when you focus your attention single-mindedly on improving your speech.

Step 6. “Try” to use everything you learn from the system you’re using in your daily speech. Not surprisingly, the more you use it, the sooner it becomes automatic. Think of how you have or would master a second language.

Step 7. Never, never give up. Since you’re retraining your brain to think and speak differently, remember that this takes time. So be patient with yourself and you will eventually see incredible results.

What We Do

  • ​Provide a proven system to help clients retrain their brain to think and speak differently.
  • ​Help clients eliminate their fear of stuttering 
  • Help clients develop a smoother speaking style
  • Help clients build a confident speaking and presentation style that commands attention

How We Do It

Who Are We?

  • Michael Williams is the founder of The Start Speaking Training Center, LLC, and creator of the Pro90d Speech System
  • He is a former stutterer for more than 25 years, so he personally understands the struggle and the solution
  • Sakshi Khurana was a former student and coaching client of Michael's.  She is now completing her Masters in Psychology and training to become a certified Pro90d Speech Coach in our Indian office. 

What Others Say

  • "I had my issues for over 50 years (!!!!) and coaching a few weeks with Michael gave me freedom from stuttering.—Pro90d Client
  • "Mr. Williams, I am thrilled with the results of you work with my daughter. You've done what other Speech Pathologists were unable to do. I am eternally grateful. Please accept my heartfelt thank you. I wish you so much success in the continued use of your gift in helping others overcome stuttering."—Mrs. P.

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How to Stop Stuttering Using the Pro90d Speech System
How to Stop Stuttering Using the Pro90d Speech System

My Story of How I Overcame Stuttering AND How You Can Too!

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