“I Struggle With My Speech,  

How Can Pro90D Help Me?”

We help intelligent professionals like you learn how to stop stuttering, by focusing on becoming excellent speakers.  Then you’ll be free to say what you want, when you want, the way you want.

Here’s how we help you achieve that goal: 

How Does This Work? 

Choose private coaching if you want to save time and achieve the freedom to say what you want as quickly as possible. 

  1. Tap here to schedule a Private Assessment Conversation with me.
  2. Allow us to create a customized Speech Plan for you during our session.
  3. Then we’ll execute the plan together.
  4. Start experiencing the freedom to say what you want, when you want, the way you want. 

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Transform Your Speech

Why I Perfectly Understand What You’re Going Through

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As a person who stuttered from my childhood until my late twenties and early thirties, I completely understand what it’s like to constantly be in fear of stuttering. There was this constant feeling of pressure from always having to anticipate and avoid certain situations.I can’t tell you how many opportunities I passed up because I allowed my speech to limit and prevent me from taking advantage of them.

Thankfully I figured out a way to not fix or treat my disfluency, but to completely replace it, and the psychological effects with a brand new way of speaking and thinking about myself.I’ve worked as a professor, preacher, trainer, relationship coach. I’ve appeared on live T.V. and radio.

In 2012 and 2013 I was invited to India to work with a family or doctors to coach their son. Over the past several years I have been able to help people from all over the world, from various religions, cultures and languages using a system I created some years back called the Pro90d Speech System.

This system is rock solid because it is based on the latest practical application of Neuroscience, Observational Learning, and Habit Development principles.

If you want to work with someone who perfectly understand where you are now, AND has helped others break free from the limitations of stuttering so that now they can confidently say whatever they want to say without the fear of stuttering, then schedule your Private Breakthrough Session with me today!

Accelerate the time it takes you to get to smooth speech. 

Working with me can accelerate your progress by as much as 10x. 
No more weird breathing techniques. 

No more telling people you have problems with your speech.  

Transform your speech and your speaking identity. 

You’ll feel more confident so that when you speak, people will listen.

“6 Steps to Retrain Your Brain to Stop Stuttering & Speak Smoothly”

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The Pro90d Smooth Speech & Presentation System  is a complete training process designed to help you smoothly, clearly and confidently say what you want, when you want, the way you want.  We don't just help you learn how to stop stuttering, we actually help you "transform" your speech.  You "experience" a complete and long-term speech transformation. 

How we accomplish this is by:

  • Providing you a systematic process for creating a brand new smooth speaking style.
  • Helping you address, diminish or eliminate both the psychological and physiological affects of disfluent speech.

This system is delivered through the following three components: 

  1. Video and audio training.
  2. Live (video conferencing) practice and evaluation sessions designed to help you pinpoint areas that may be slowing you down or preventing you from transforming your speech.
  3. Live practice opportunities designed to help you implement your new mindset and speaking style in real life and high pressure situations such as meetings, telephone calls, conversations with people in authority, etc. 


This system is based on the following five (5) bodies of knowledge: 

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Habit Formation
  3. Observational Learning
  4. Client Experience 
  5. Personal Experience

Neuroscience To learn more about the science, check out this video, "How to Retrain Your Brain - The Science" Here's a synopsis of what you'll learn. . .

Your brain can be changed.  With focused and consistent conscious effort you can form or strengthen neural pathways that reflect new ways of thinking and behaving.  This means you can train yourself to feel more calm, calm and confident.  You can learn to speak more smoothly and clearly.  

Habit Formation Speaking well is both a way of thinking and speaking.  That is, by repeating certain thoughts and patterns of speech over and over in different situations you can forge a new mindset and set of beliefs about yourself and your ability to speak well. 

You can also develop a smoother and clearer way of speaking that becomes completely natural and automatic for you.  

Observational Learning Speaking well is a learned behavior.  In fact, you learned to speak your first language by modeling those around you.  It was natural and you didn't have to be taught to model, you just did it automatically. 

In much the same way you can use modeling to learn to speak exceptionally well.  In fact, virtually all great speakers and performers in every area of life had one or more models. 

Believe it or not, modeling is the fastest and easiest way to learn to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently. 

If you deliberately and consistently observe someone else performing something you want to do, then you can do it too.  Exceptions to this would be physical limitations or massive brain damage. 

Client Experience Science and theory are great.  But actual client experience is even better.  We are constantly learning from people just like you what works and what doesn't.  We take this learning and roll it back into our program to make it better and better on a regular basis.    

You know this system works, because people like you have tested and proven it in their own real life experiences.  

Personal Experience Because I personally stuttered and struggled with my speech I know what it feels like to feel limited, trapped and unable to say what I wanted, when I wanted, the way I wanted.  I know what it's like to not be able to get air to start speaking.  I know what it's like to avoid opportunities because of the fear of or anticipation of being disfluent.  

But, the awesome news is that I also know what it's like to break free of that and be able to express myself in way that has transformed my speech into one of my greatest assets.  

Therefore, as a person who has struggled with this for much of my life I am able to provide a unique perspective, deep insight and understanding into how you too can move your speech from a liability to one of your greatest assets.  

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Science

And Watch this video from Dr. Lara Boyd


If someone tells you they can cure or help you stop stuttering in 3 days or even 3 weeks, RUN!  You'll probably end up wasting a great deal of time and money.   You may be able to "learn" to speak fluently.  And, you may even "speak" fluently for a short period of time.  However, because of how our brains are designed, changing speech and thinking patterns that you've had for years simply takes time, especially if you want these changes to be permanent.   Additionally, if you're a professional do you just want to "not" stutter?  Or would you rather be an excellent communicator?  You don't get any points for "not" stuttering.  You do get points for being an excellent speaker.  Excellent speech is a skill.  It's virtually impossible to learn and implement this skill in just a few days or weeks.   You can however do it inside of 3 months or less.   A second reason it may take at least 3 months is because it depends on the severity of your speech and how much time and effort you devote to the process. On average I see people begin to experience noticeable changes in their confidence and speech in 1-2 weeks. By week 3 we see more consistent changes. Between weeks 6 and 8 we see dramatic changes from when the person first started. Furthermore, these changes continue to increase as long as the client continues to get out and speak, just like one would experience in mastering a new language. The more you use it, the more fluent you become. Studies show that it can take as little as 18 days to form a new simple habit pattern.  The average time is 66 days and could take 254 days or longer for more complex habit patterns. Remember, these times are for making the new pattern automatic (when one reaches automaticity) where one doesn't have to think about it anymore.  However, as I mentioned above, we see our clients form new thinking and speaking patterns (a repeated or regular way in which something is done) in as little as 3 weeks.  To make these patterns habitual, you should expect it to take several months of consistent practice. 


The Pro90d Smooth Speech & Presentation System will help you: 

  • Feel more confident about speaking with others.
  • Get started speaking easier.
  • Feel more relaxed, calm and at ease while you speak.
  • Stop thinking about speaking, and just start communicating your thoughts, ideas and message.
  • Speak using a smooth and powerful rhythm that people enjoy listening to.
  • Make more powerful, captivating and persuasive presentations.
  • Help you give smoother and more confident interviews and presentations, getting your the jobs you want and respect your deserve. 


The Pro90d Smooth Speech & Presentation System is designed for professionals who ready to commit and invest a reasonable amount of time and money into taking their speech to the next level. 

This system is not designed for people who want a quick cure or fix, tricks and tips, or a bandaid solution. 

We have also found that this approach works best for people who have a strong desire to become an excellent speaker rather than just overcoming disfluent speech and or speaking anxiety. 

Therefore, thePro90d Smooth Speech & Presentation System is perfect for you IF you:

  • Have a difficult time saying exactly what you want to say, when you want to say it.
  • Often (or always) speak too fast.
  • Often feel rushed (like you want to just hurry up and get it out now) when you speak.
  • Struggle with situational stuttering (you don’t always stutter, just in certain situations or around certain people at certain times.
  • Often run out of air while speaking.
  • Have a hard time getting started speaking.
  • Otherwise stammer or stutter.


This system works by: 

  • Providing you with a model to pattern your speech after.  This is the most natural and fastest way to learn.
  • Giving you a daily routine to follow where you systematically change your mindset and style of speaking. 
  • Presenting you with virtual opportunities to practice and use what you've learned under pressure. 
  • Encouraging you to create or take advantage of as many speaking opportunities as possible so that you're able to speak well under any circumstance and in any situation. 
  • Giving you the thinking and speaking tools you need to become a confident and superior communicator. 

You will have: 

  1. Access to a series of videos and audios that you will listen to or watch on a daily basis. 
  2. Practice exercises to do on a daily basis.  
  3. Access to a community of other professionals with whom you can practice and share successes for maximum encouragement. 
  4. Access to live troubleshooting sessions designed to help you remove roadblocks or bottlenecks you may experience during this journey. 


We can only guarantee that the system works.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will do the work.  We have done and will continue to do everything humanly possible to make this process easy-to-follow as possible.  The one thing we cannot do is make you commited.   This process can be compared to mastering a second language.  If you really wanted to, you could learn and become very fluent in a second language (barring serious brain injury) couldn't you? You would have to learn and use the new language on regular basis; and if you wanted to accelerate the process, completely immerse yourself, right?  On the other hand, if you didn't study, learn or consistently practice both in private and public the new language, you probably would not master it.   Learning to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently follows the same principles.  You are virtually guaranteed to get pretty amazing results if you trust the process and put the time and effort in.   To minimize your risk we purposely provide tons of free, high quality resources for you try.  You'll be able to determine if this approach will work for you before you ever make single purchase.  In fact, we prefer that you try before you buy so that once you do invest in your speech you'll feel extremely confident that the Ultimate Smooth Speech System is the perfect approach to help you achieve the results you desire.  As a result of all of our efforts to ensure that you've chosen the right product, we hope you understand that we do not provide refunds. If you consistently do the work, you may expect similar results as these two students: 

Hello once again everyone. I am really enjoying a lot crossing this path which leads to success. One thing that I have maintained since the start of this course is consistency. There has not even been a single day where I missed to watch Mr Michael's video or listen to the audio. I am taking small steps each day as I know changing your brain patterns obviously takes some time.
As I continue to model Mr Michael and follow all the techniques and strategies, I am experiencing successes. Now our relatives are having more and more social gatherings and I am participating in more and more conversations and I am being able to convey my messages quite fluently. I have improved a lot in my tele phone conversations and practice reading/presenting everyday.
All these steps are moving me ahead. As I now see myself as an awesome communicator. My confidence level and speech fluency have really improved a lot. I really feel happy continuing to work through this course as even Socrates says, "There is no path to happiness, the path is happiness." 

Hello Michael Williams, A couple of years ago (I don’t remember exactly how many, maybe 5 or 6) you changed my life. You freed me from stuttering and helped me overcome some of the most daunting fears of my childhood. I am writing this message which is long overdue, to say thank you for everything.  I took the time to watch every single one of them and took even more time practicing. the idea of erasing or reformatting the "disk" and replacing new information on it was very powerful to me, and I have used it in other parts of my life as well.

I also remember the power of positive affirmations and how much of an effect that can have on your mentality. I just wish you the best of luck with your life, and I hope you continue to help people who have this problem. God bless you.

–Youtube subscriber


Enrollment is simple, simply click the link below, complete the payment and registration link below and you're in! 



Once you enroll you'll be sent a confirmation email and then a welcome email that provides you with your login details.   You will want to take your time and go through the training in order so that you understand how the course is laid out what to do next.  Additionally, there is a prerequisite course that must be completed before the other material is released.   This prerequisite course is specifically crafted to help you build a solid foundation for success as you move through this training. Below you will find a snapshot of the core modules you'll be working through in this training.  There three advanced modules which will be made available to those who have demonstrated mastery over the basics.  A core part of this process is your practice of the activities in your Daily Routine.  We will provide with a step-by-step template to set up your daily routine and strongly, strongly, (should I say it once more?), strongly encourage you to follow it.  To prevent you from being overwhelmed we've created a strategy for you to use to "step up" into the process of immersion.  Think of this like slowing wading into the ocean until you are completely under water.  You will be able to set mini-habits that will allow you to get started with as little as 15 minutes per day of formal practice along with other activities that can be done while getting ready for work or school, traveling, exercising or peforming other activites that don't require your full 100% attention.   You're encouraged to do more, but at least you'll be creating the habit of consistency (the number one reason people fail at transforming their speech). 


Check out our: Mobile Self-Study

Hi my name is Ismail and I am a physician more specifically a super specialist, in fetal medicine. I have been using Michael William's pro90d program and his speech coaching for the last 6 weeks. It has changed my life. I am now superconfident in my speech, am able to give almost flawless presentations and I now feel naturally eloquent. I have been able to be on live radio which was broadcast to 300000 people and I felt confident and flawless in answering the host's questions. Michael's technique of modelling and transferring that to real life situations is a winner as it creates a new speaking identity that is fluent. The great aspect of Michael's program and actually what attracted me to it was the strong scientific basis for his program which rests on the scientific discipline of neuroscience. As a physician I immediately recognized and understood the science behind his program and realized that this was going to work and I can tell you it does. Thank you Michael for a fantastic and wonderful program, system and formula,and for the work you do and the confidence you brought to me.
Dr Ismail Bhorat


"I happened to be applying for jobs and kept bombing interviews because I stuttered during easy interviews which cost me many different opportunities.

​I was offered the position 1.5 weeks later which was an increase of $34k on top of my current salary. I am only halfway through the coaching, and I already made my investment back, and this has been honestly the best and most life-changing decision that I have ever made. If you would have seen how severe I stuttered and compare it to the manner that I speak today you wouldn't even believe I ever struggled to speak. I highly recommend this program. If I can do it anyone else can!"


Software Engineer

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