How to Stop Stuttering Using Pro90D Speech System
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Learn How to Stop Stuttering By Focusing On This...

You can learn How to Stop Stuttering or how to stop Stammering using this intelligent stuttering treatment by focusing ALL of your attention and resources on IMPROVING your speech and self-confidence. The traditional approach and natural inclination is to use your time and resources on devices, techniques to help with stuttering, strategies and programs that focus on a cure for stuttering in adults, simple tips to stop stuttering.   

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This simply does not work in the vast majority of cases.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  ― Socrates

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If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you don't do it by focusing on learning how to not speak English or Arabic, or Hindi. You learn to speak Spanish fluently by focusing your energies on doing whatever it takes to learn and practice that new language. Does this make sense?

I'd like to invite you to research the information you find on this site. Perhaps you are a professional, student or anyone wanting to not just overcome stuttering, but to speak well. Learning to speak smoothly, fluently and confidently are NOT the same as NOT stuttering. There are many people who don't stutter, but they are terrible communicators and terrible presenters. They are unable to present their ideas or information with clarity and authority.

Therefore, people don't take them very seriously. They struggle to get the jobs they want, get promotions, close sales, ask questions in meeting or communicate well in social situations. But, this does not have to be the case for you. No matter how old you are, or what you have tried in the past, if you approach this journey correctly, you can change the way you communicate. You can become an excellent speaker.

I can help you confidently say what you want to say without fear or stuttering.By the way, even if you don't stutter, but struggle with mumbling, speaking too fast, or just want to improve your speaking still with greater clarity, smoothness and confidence, I can help.

What We Do

  • ​Provide a proven system to help clients retrain their brain to think and speak differently.
  • ​Help clients eliminate their fear of stuttering 
  • Help clients develop a smoother speaking style
  • Help clients build a confident speaking and presentation style that commands attention

How We Do It

Who Are We?

  • Michael Williams is the founder of The Start Speaking Training Center, LLC, and creator of the Pro90d Speech System
  • He is a former stutterer for more than 25 years, so he personally understands the struggle and the solution
  • Sakshi Khurana was a former student and coaching client of Michael's.  She is now completing her Masters in Psychology and training to become a certified Pro90d Speech Coach in our Indian office. 

What Others Say

  • "I had my issues for over 50 years (!!!!) and coaching a few weeks with Michael gave me freedom from stuttering.—Pro90d Client
  • "Mr. Williams, I am thrilled with the results of you work with my daughter. You've done what other Speech Pathologists were unable to do. I am eternally grateful. Please accept my heartfelt thank you. I wish you so much success in the continued use of your gift in helping others overcome stuttering."—Mrs. P.

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My name is Sohaib, I'm a Doctor Of Dental Surgery, I am currently doing my master in business in management in the UK. When I first came here, I was horrified and anxious because it's my first time away from my family and I don't know anybody, and I realized I have to make it on my own, imagine you have all of these things together along with stuttering as if these problems weren't enough to handle.

I was very depressed because I struggled in everything that required speaking including ordering food, going to the laundry shop, buying bus tickets(I'll mention a relating example later on), introducing myself, presentations, making new friends and most importantly participating in the class which was my worst nightmare. My confidence level was around 2 out of 10, and my speaking ability level was around 4.

So I started searching for programs and courses to treat my stuttering, and I came along with a wide variety of courses, but I particularly decided to choose Michael's program because he used to stutter, he knows how it feels, and he came up with a creative solution to overcome this obstacle. I registered in the 8 weeks private intensive coaching, and I started my sessions with him, he gave a multiple videos and audios to listen to on a daily basis and he pointed out that I have to train over and over again for at least 50 minutes a day for this program to work, I must create speaking opportunities to increase the positive experiences of multiple speaking situations and most importantly that I have to model him (imitate him) in all of my speaking situations in order to have the maximum benefit of this program.

I started training, and honestly, in the first weeks, my speech improved gradually just by using some useful tips that he gave me such as slowing down and to relax all the time. After that I had some downfalls and I'll share with one example: one day I went to the bus station to get a return ticket (which is a 2 way ticket and it's slightly cheaper than buying one ticket at a time) so am waiting in the line to buy my ticket and before I stepped into the bus, I anticipated that I wouldn't be able to say the word "return, " so I felt anxious and I asked the driver for a single ticket instead of return ticket which technically cost me more (20 cents more).

I felt so depressed, and I shared this story with Michael over our last session, he gave me some advice regarding modeling and how to relax and pause for 2 seconds before I say anything. Afterward, I went to the same bus and did exactly what Michael told me to do and guess what I DID IT without struggling or stuttering. I know it's not that big of an achievement, but IT IS to me because I only been in his program for three weeks and I am beginning to see some improvements.

I'll share another example. One day I was working on my project's presentation late in the university and it was around midnight, the atmosphere of the university was so calm so i came up with an idea which is to go to my classroom in the middle of the night and practice modelling Michael in presenting, so I went there and started modelling him and guess what I presented very well the following day because that gave a positive experience that I have the ability to present well without struggling at all. after that incident I started raising my hand and participating actively in the class, I raised my hand around 10 times a day because for me it felt like a flooding gate, I just couldn't help it, it felt really really good.

Now my speaking level is around 8 out of 10, and my confidence level is boosted to at least 9.5 out of 10. Believe me, this works because back then I was in your shoe and thought that all the doors are closed in my face, I was so tired of feeling limited, but after enrolling in this intensive private coaching course my life has changed, and I believe yours will too.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU MICHAEL, you changed my life forever, now I have the ability to introduce myself confidently, order whatever food I want, present powerfully in front of all my classmates, say what I want to say when and wherever I want to say it and to sum it all up, now I am finally FREE.

Eight weeks private intensive coaching (will continue for 12 weeks later on)



How to Stop Stuttering Using the Pro90d Speech System
How to Stop Stuttering Using the Pro90d Speech System

Choose the Program That's Perfect for You


Premium Edition 

  • Daily Training and Practice Routine
  • Box Powered Mobile Access to Videos and Audios
  • Access to both Mental and Speech Training 
  • Access to a the Pro90d Confidence-building System
  • Life-time access to course materials



BootCamp Edition 

Everything in premium edition, plus: 

  • (1) 30-minute coaching session with Michael or Sakshi
  • Access to unlimited, live, group bootcamp training sessions
  • Access to a special Facebook Group with premium training and Q&A sessions



Presentation Edition 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Conquer fear, and present with authority
  • Prepare for, and practice so that you can present like a pro, without notes
  • Captivate your audience's attention using these 12 proven strategies


Private Coaching


Best for Mild Speech 

You get: 

  • ​(1) 30-60 live, video ( coaching session
  • Bonus Access to the Self-Study BootCamp 
  • Weekly speech and confidence tracking
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Weekly Evaluation 
  • Weekly Feedback
  • Weekly Encouragement 
  • Mid week check-in chats via Skype, Facebook or text message
  • Weekly customized strategies and tips relevant to your current speaking situations


BootCamp Students of 30 days plus are eligible for a $1,000 deduction

Private Coaching


Best for Persistent or Severe Speech 

You get everything in the the 8-week, plus: 

  • (2) Bonus Sessions, totaling 14 sessions
  • The required time necessary to more fully integrate a new speaking style 


BootCamp Students of 30 days plus are eligible for a $1,000 deduction


There are no words can describe how helpful and reliable is Michael. Six months ago I were distressed and had a feeling that there is no solution for my strutting. And what makes it worse was my fear of academic life as I just joined the university.

Within this short period, my speech witnessed a tremendous shift and I became able to discuss my colleagues and even present in front of the whole class with confidence.

Apart from business, what is special about Michael is that he never seeks for money as from the first day he offered a money back guarantee to every client if he/she didn't notice any progress.

Michael is trustworthy, and every session with him is a valuable experience as you will definitely learn new techniques and get full support. I recommend Michael as a reliable coach and wish him best of luck.

If You're An Intelligent Professional Keep Reading

The Pro90d Speech System is NOT designed to help you to "STOP STUTTERING."  The Pro90d Speech System is specifically designed for intelligent professional who are high achievers and want to excellent, superior communication, speaking and presentations skills.  There's a BIG difference between someone who "doesn't stutter" and someone who is an awesome speaker.  Which one do you want to be? 

If you answered awesome speaker, then THIS is the most intelligence choice for you.  You and I both know that you cannot possibly change your speaking and thinking, beliefs, attitudes, and confidence level with a device or in a few days or even a few weeks.  Our brain takes time to change.  Certainly you can "learn" how to do these things in a matter of hours or less.  But you simply cannot make long-term changes without sustained, consistent and repeated action.  

If this just makes sense to you, then you're in the right place.  However, if you're looking for something to relieve the pain of struggling with your speech, and you want to get this relief as quickly and easily as possible, then this is NOT the best resource for you.  That being said, the truth is, the shortest way to achieve what you want ISN'T necessarily the fastest.  Here's an example.  Have you ever mapped out a location and was presented with the shortest route, AND the fastest route?  The fastest route was not necessarily the "shortest" route was it?  

The Pro90d Speech System IS the fastest, and (if you take into account the emotional ups and downs of trying multiple programs, and wasting thousands of dollars on short-term or ineffective programs) the easiest way to achieve superior, long-term results! 



My Story of How I Overcame Stuttering AND How You Can Too!

"Speak Like THIS And Watch How People Respond" 

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